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Autumn Leaf Garland Tutorial

leaf garland

1) Click Here to download my Leaves Pattern PDF file.
leaf pattern
2) Print the file, then cut out the leaves.

leaf garland

3) Trace Leaf shapes onto felt. I chose felt in 4 different colors. I used a white pencil to trace the leaves onto the dark felt colors.

leaf garland

4) Cut leaf shapes out of your felt.

5) Using and embroidery floss, stitch the leaf veins onto each leaf. I used a gold colored floss which I thought was a little thick, so I pulled 3 strands out of the floss to make it easier to stitch. You can save time by using a gold glitter glue or fabric paint to make the leaf veins instead.

6) Decide how you want to place your leaves.

leaf garland

7) Stitch leaves to a rick rack or ribbon.

leaf garland

8) Hang your new Thanksgiving garland and enjoy!

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